Frequently asked questions

Frequentely asked questions


I am interested in pursuing education in Nursing. Where can I find information? There are a number of resources available. You should start with speaking to the admissions counselor of the school you are interested in attending. You will also find information on the websites of any Nursing program you have interest in attending.

Do I have to have a high GPA to be admitted to nursing school? Admission to most nursing schools is highly competitive. You will usually be expected to have a GPA above 3.0, and sometimes a higher GPA in specific pre-requisite courses.

Do I need to go to a single school for all of my undergraduate education in nursing? In some cases there is an educational agreement between schools which allows the student to attend a community college or other university and then transfer credits into the school which has the nursing program you are interested in. You will need to check with your school of interest to find out about this before you begin your education so that you can plan your classes.

What do I need to do to apply to the Nursing program? Each program has its own requirements. You should look online and speak with an admissions counselor in the school of your choice to find out the process and requirement for application.

I've heard about general education requirements and upper division requirements. What does that mean? General education requirements are courses that are required for all students at the university in order to receive a degree. The upper division is the last 2 years of education where you will take courses that are focused nursing content courses.

What courses are required in the pre-requisites for admission to nursing schools? Each school has their own set of pre-requisite courses, so you should contact the school you are interested in for this information. Generally speaking, courses are in the sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Microbiology, Anatomy and Physiology); the social sciences (Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology); and mathematics (Algebra, Statistics). There may also be course grade requirements for the pre-requisites, so be sure to check into these.

Do I need to have CNA certification to apply to nursing school? Some schools require certification as a CNA for admission. Be sure to check with the school you are interested in attending.

Will a background in other healthcare fields be of assistance for admission? It is possible that this experience will have provided you a realistic knowledge base and skills that will assist you in your education. Check with the program that you are interested in to see if this is a consideration in admission decisions.

What other costs are involved in Nursing other than tuition? Many schools have additional lab fees and supply costs. You will be expected to provide costs for such things as CPR certification, a drug screen, a criminal background check, your uniform and name tag, stethoscope, clinical and lab supplies, text books and any health related fees such as health exams and immunizations.